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Hello & welcome I'm so glad you have found your way here to my website. 

Residing in sunny Marlborough I spend my days as a trade painter/decorator but by night I let my mind drift off into my happy space & I get to live in my world of imagination.
I enjoy getting outdoors, love a good music festival or Gig, I have been playing with flow toys for a few years now like Fire Poi/fans/staff & my new LED fiber optic whip, fell in love with silk fans too.
I'm excited to keep learning & sharing my art with you all.
I couldn't do this without you so thank you for the support & being a part of this journey.
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What inspired me to start my business you ask... I love to create, I love to play with paints and pens and pencils and all things that sparkle, I love being inspired daily by nature & working with it to create magic. Its always been a calming space for me. That is what art is to me. Magic & Calm.

I started my art page 7 years ago & as my courage & my page grew, I found my people, I found that my art meant a lot more to people than I had realized, so I wanted to share it, I've been building up my business over the years with the help of some truly amazing souls. I am so proud of how far Alykat ART has come.

I absolutely love packaging up your collections to send away,

All prints are packaged with artists backing board & then gently slid into a protective sleeve. Before being wrapped in tissue paper & a few extra goodies added to make your day.  The prints are then packed between cardboard so they can be transported as safely as possible. As I grow, I hope to adopt more ecofriendly options for packaging. But for a start we use compostable courier bags & reuse & recycle where we can.

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